Theodore’s Refreshment Service affectionately known as Ted’s or Theodore’s is the creation of Teddy’s parents Lily & Henry. Having worked in the industry for a combined effort of 30+ years and having recently become parents they felt there was no time like the present to dive in and take the step towards achieving their dream of operating their own venue. It was imperative that they were able to instil their own values into the business and be able to offer something back to their community in which they live and for the future of their son Teddy.


This is how Theodore’s came to be.


Friendly service is at the forefront of the way we deliver our goods and services. The motivation for Theodore’s stems from a genuine love of delivering exceptional, personable & professional service. We may not be saving lives but we can certainly strive to make each and every guest’s day a little bit better.


Sustainability is the other main focus and it can be seen in all food and beverage offerings as well as through our initiatives and policies. All food & beverage offerings are local, seasonal and responsibly sourced. There will always be a focus on plant based whole foods as this is the most sustainable way to eat. We will endeavour to preserve seasonal produce to be used all year round and through these methods we will be incidentally adding more major health benefits such as gut loving bacteria and the like.


We hope to create awareness around the way we purchase and consume food & drinks, which eventually helps to make a positive impact on the environment and inevitably the future of all mankind.

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